Why you should remodel your bathroom this 2018

New year, new beginnings.

For homeowners, starting a brand new year with a clean home is one of the priorities. While every part of the home is important to be maintained, bathrooms should be given an utmost importance. Many people regard their bathroom as one of the most important parts of the house because of various reasons. Majority would agree that indeed, it is one of the most vital rooms, which needs to be regularly cleaned, maintained, and renovated.

Did you know that an average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom?

Furthermore, it is a known fact for real estate agents and home sellers that bathrooms can dramatically increase (or decrease) the value of your home. This is why many take the time and effort in constantly updating their bathrooms, not just for the present use, but for the future and overall home value of the house.

most important room of a house


However, despite being one of the most important rooms of a house or hotel, bathrooms are probably one of the few areas that are neglected when it comes to regular remodeling and updating. Take advantage of the beginning of the year to start remodeling (or planning) to remodel your bathroom. Here are just some of the reasons why:

There are cracks, stains, and missing grout

These are the most visible signs that you need to start thinking about renovation ASAP. Although these signs are seemingly minor, these can lead to—or be signs of early onset water leakage, mold and mildew formation. Sometimes, it can possibly mean corrosion or more sever structural damage.

Leaking pipes caused water damages

This is something to remember: not all water leaks are visible. Most of the time, it starts behind walls, leaving your surprised when it finally shows up. It can also be the cause of the unexplained high water bills. When you hear water dripping from nowhere, it’s definitely time for a bathroom remodeling. Molds can also be a telltale sign of water damage and an urgent call for a bathroom remodel project at the start of the year. Even if it’s just one spot, molds can easily spread and should be taken care of immediately upon discovery.

Poor lighting situation

Is putting on make up or shaving your face very hard for you to do in the bathroom? Maybe it’s because of your poor bathroom lighting. Did you know that contractors say that in a bathroom, lighting is everything?  It does not only affect a person’s perception of the space, but also makes the bathroom as functional as possible.

Sometimes, it’s the placement of the light fixture or even the fixture itself. Either way, this calls for a bathroom remodeling project!

You need more space.

Maybe you are having more kids, or maybe you are just out of storage to keep all your hair, beauty, and skin care products. Whatever the reason is, additional space is one of the best indicator that you need to do some bathroom remodeling ASAP.

Preparing to sell your house

Preparing to sell your house

If you are planning to list your house for sale in the near future, it might be best to start remodeling your bathroom sooner than you think. According to real estate agents, bathroom renovations can be one of the best investments for your property. In fact, studies show that its remodeling and upgrade can give you 100-102.2% return of investment—which is the highest among renovations.

You’re simply not just happy with the way it is.

What if you decided to check for these signs but you find nothing? Is it not time for a renovation? No, of course not. If you are not pleased with the overall appearance and ‘feel’ of the room, you can always try to tweak some things and aspects of it. Just make sure you wont make any further damage.

Outdated wallpapers, paints and decorations can easily be replaced through a minor bathroom renovation. Owners can also always install new shelves, cabinets and additional spaces whenever the room feels cramped and inefficient.

If you have any of these problems in your home, then remodeling your bathroom is a must—regardless of how often it is. Usually, the best professional bathroom contractors make sure remodeling projects should be frequent. A few inspections and check ups per year is alright.

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