Why not consider a TV inside your bath this 2019?

Every homeowner is always looking for ways to improve their lives and feel more convenient inside the comforts of their homes. Well, have you considered installing a TV inside your bathroom for you to watch your favorite TV shows lying in a relaxing hot bath? Or catch the games of your favorite sports team while inside the shower? Why not?

While many would argue that installing a TV inside the bathroom is useless and not ideal because these luxuries can be provided by the smartphones, opting for a television for your bathroom can actually be beneficial for you and your family.

In the end, it is your decision. After all, it’s your house, and you are in control. But, installing a TV inside the bathroom is not that simple. You’ll need to factor in a few special considerations. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Is Bathroom TV ideal?

Choose dustproof and waterproof TVs

Placing an appliance inside the bathroom needs extra precaution since it can be quite dangerous if not addressed properly. At the same time, if used every day, it can be subjected to moisture buildup and damage over time.

Experts advice is going for a dustproof and water-resistant type of TVs, if possible, a waterproof rating of at least IP 65, so that I can resist splashes and even direct inputs of water. Also, some models have built-in fog resistance, which comes in handy if you like really long, steamy showers. Don’t forget that a remote control must also be waterproof as well.

Know the best position to install it

Knowing where to install a bathroom TV should be according to how are you going to use it, or when you prefer to use it. Do you want to watch a movie while on a relaxing bath? Or catch up with the news while you use the toilet? These considerations will be helpful when determining where to place your TV inside the bathroom.

Also, keep in mind that the angle of which you position you install the TV will be a huge factor while you use it. When projecting the spot for installing a TV-set, you should mind a convenient angle of aspect, which will allow enjoyable and comfortable watching. If you want to be able to see it from multiple points, choose a wall-mounted model that swings or place the TV on a swiveling shelf, better yet, make it portable! Perch it on top of a freestanding shelf unit to give you maximum flexibility. 

Determine where to place it

Opt for the right sound format

Watching the TV inside the bathroom may mean lots of echoes and sound vibrations. To stay away from this, pay attention to TV-set models with integrated acoustic systems. According to experts, these types are better for this need, even without the need for installing additional speakers.

What about an Invisible Bathroom TV?

TVs inside the bathroom is not conventional. Some people are not for it because it can look like a mess, if not installed properly in the right place.

You can disguise it as part of the walls or the room itself by making it part of the architectural design and overall element. Doing so will make the TV less of an eyesore and less obtrusive. Try creating a visual parallel with another feature in the room, such as open shelving or incorporating a thick black frame around the TV that can match the window panes or door frames.

You can also conceal it behind a cabinet door, or in a movable piece of framed art. Another interesting option is going for a Mirror TV, which is basically a mirror and a TV in one.  The TV magically transforms into a mirror when not in use, making it look like a regular thing to find inside the bathroom. When in use, the mirror transforms into the screen of the TV. These models have become increasingly popular in the world of interior design.

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