Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

Saving the environment is one of the most pressing global issues today. Almost every industry is thinking of efficient ways on how to not contribute to the worsening condition of the destruction of the earth because of pollution and resource abuse.

Water conservation has always deemed one of the littlest, yet impactful ways of protecting the nature. Many fixture manufacturing companies have made sure that they will exert effort towards the cause. However, the work should not stop there. Homeowners should also be knowledgeable and helpful through their little ways. Here are some ways you can do to show your support:

Shower shortly.

Do you usually shower for a full hour? Try your best to spend less time standing in your shower and save water. Did you know that studies find that a person uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute! That is 150 gallons per hour! Cutting your shower time in half saves a lot of water; it can even be fun if you keep track of your times and try to break personal records.

Turn off your faucet while you brush

Turn off your faucet while you brush.

This should be your habit by now. Remember to turn off your faucet while you brush your teeth or wash your face. Not only will you save hundreds of gallons of water a year but you’ll give kids a task they can practice and be proud of doing.

Install a low flush toilet.

This is one of the benefits of innovation to the cause of water conservation. Many engineers and developers have invented a toilet that doesn’t use too much water when it comes to flushing. According to the MWRA, replacing a 3.5-gallon toilet with a low-flush 1.6-gallon model can result in a 54% reduction in toilet water use.

Another primary reason to replace a toilet is if the one you’re using has a leak. Toilet leaks can waste more water than faucet leaks and will give you a good reason to replace it with a low-flush toilet. You can make use of the remodeling time to change this bathroom fixture for the better. While it can cost relatively more than that of a normal and ordinary toilet, paying a little bit more for the conservation of Earth will always be a nice consolation—especially if you can easily afford it.

Use a bath bucket.

Using pails or bath buckets is not a popular practice in America, but is definitely one efficient way of conserving water. Studies found that the part of the shower wastes the most water is the time you use while waiting for it to be of your desired temperature. It is definitely a huge waste of water. Put it to use by placing a bucket in the shower while you wait. You can use this water in your garden or to water indoor plants.

Remodel your bathroom

Remodel your bathroom.

If you notice your monthly utility bills on a continuous rise, this might be because of old and outdated bathroom fixtures. In some cases, these old fixtures decrease in efficiency over time due to wear and tear. You might need to update them and do a small bathroom remodel project and spend less. Keep in mind that when you are hiring a remodeler, you are buying a service and not a product. Quality of service will determine the quality of the finished project. Select the best candidates based on their credentials, references or reviews, their portfolio and past works, and of course, the personalities of the people who will work with you.

Through these little ways, you help out your home planet and be more responsible citizens. While there are bigger things you can do to help the cause, starting small in your bathroom can make all the difference that is needed.

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