Tips on How to Reduce Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Remodeling your bathroom may look like an exciting and easy project for some (especially for those who enjoy DIY). However, because most of the parts of the remodeling itself may be complex and complicated, it is best that you hire a professional bathroom contractor to help you do the job.

Many TV fixer-upper shows make it so easy—even encouraging its audience to do more DIY projects for their homes. But, the truth is, there are things and parts of the process that should be done by the professionals alone. According to experts, DIYers often run out of time, patience, and dedication when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms. DIYers need to know what they plan to get into—time, budget, and technicalities wise. The trend with DIYers is that they lose the drive, motivation, and inspiration once they become busy and preoccupied with work, or get discouraged because they just didn’t have the skills or tools needed to remodel a bathroom.

Are you really saving money when you DIY it?

Moreover, you expose yourself to the possibility of committing the most common mistakes when remodeling your bathroom:

Don't buy mismatched hardware and fixtures

Don’t buy mismatched hardware and fixtures

While some homeowners don’t really care that much about the overall aesthetics of their bathroom, it is essential to think long-term and go beyond what it is now. Keep in mind that in a few years, you may or may not list your house for selling. Note that house hunters put significant importance on the appearance and function of the bathrooms of the house because it is one of the most important rooms, and could definitely be a deal breaker for them.

Think about it: if you choose a faucet that is finished in brushed nickel, make sure that your other components are also in brushed nickel. Choose the same material for the other components inside your bathroom which includes your towel bar (for bath towels), your towel ring (for hand towels), your toilet paper holder, your shower head, your shower trim kit (the area that has your on/off handle and temperature adjustment, your tub spout, your shower door and even the knobs on your cabinetry.

This mistake can also be applied to the finishes of your sink, vanity, and shower area. What can turn guests and potential buyers off is seeing a differently colored and textured sink and shower, toilet and cabinetry. Remember that all these little touches matter.

Never opt for cheap yet substandard hardware

Are you really saving money when buying substandard, or lesser quality hardware? Sure they can cost a few bucks less, but think long term—will they last the test of time and water damage?

Cheap faucets look cheap and eventually leak. The finish can start to wear off within months and may need constant adjustment to stay tight. Be sure that your new faucets (and shower components) have ceramic disk valves (not rubber or plastic washers) and that the finish is of the highest quality.

Participate in the whole designing process

Participate in the whole designing process

Some homeowners think that when they hire bathroom contractors, they can separate themselves from the whole remodeling process. However, that’s not the case. You should be around when the designing part of the process takes place, sharing your ideas and expressing what you want to see and what you want them to achieve.

These professionals can make recommendations, assemble sample materials, advise as to the pro’s and con’s of different brands and systems and help you make sound budget decisions. However, you should always have the final say.

Hire good bathroom contractors

If you are getting the services of a professional bathroom contractor, it is important that you know they are the best ones in your area. You should do your research, background check, ask for referrals and recommendations, and see their portfolio before saying yes and closing a deal.

While it seems perfect to stumble upon one company that is an expert in all areas of the remodel, it may be a good time to do a reality check. Some may brand themselves as a jack of all trades company—which can do renovations and remodeling to every part of the house, fro the kitchen, garage, and even garden. However, their services may not be as good as some companies who focus on bathroom remodeling projects only.

While it can be ideal to hire a company that can do everything, you really have to make sure it’s not a waste of time and money.

Bathroom remodeling can be very expensive, that’s a fact. But, of course, there are ways you can make sure you spend a little less and don’t go over budget. The key is finding a company or contractor that has an efficient process resulting in fewer days on site. For the most part, labor is the most expensive component. Also, be careful about working with a firm that uses the same custom carpenters for high-end kitchens with multi-piece crown trim (these guys aren’t cheap) and bathroom remodeling.

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