Things to Prepare Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Renovating or remodeling your bathroom can be overwhelming. You have to decide how much you can spend, select the right products, and determine if you’re going to change the layout. Building a good bathroom incorporates many different things that should involve adequate preparation. But, all the stress and a busy schedule will be worth it, as it is proven how updated bathrooms bring in more revenue to hotels today.

Ensuring that your hotel bathroom’s renovation runs smoothly, preparing a checklist to keep your project on track is essential. At the same time, plotting the whole project across a few months of planning and actual building is ideal.

First things first, here are the initial things you should think about:

The scale of the Project, Budget, and Timeline

  1. The scale of the Project, Budget, and Timeline

Are you doing a complete overhaul? Are you just updating fixtures and install newer versions of showers or sink? Would you like to move the toilet, sink, or bathtub, and if so, what is feasible plumbing-wise? Are you going to expand the size of the bathroom or simply improve its aesthetic?

You should have a clear idea of the extent of the renovation for you to make a checklist of what you need to prepare before the project even begins.

The next thing you have to decide on is the budget—which can probably be the most important factor when it comes to the decision making. Having a clear eyeball and estimate of the budget, you are willing to spend can also help in the decision of the degree of remodeling or renovation you want to do to your bathroom hotels. It would be easier for you to pinpoint the necessary and more immediate changes the bathroom needs, making this checklist, even more, easier to cross out.

Also, think about the duration and timetable of the project. Are there other considerations, or dates that should be noted? Is there a specific timeline to be followed? Should the renovation finish on or before a set date? Knowing how much time you have could determine the pacing of the work, which will make the completion of the renovation easier and faster.

Here are a sample timeline and a complete checklist of everything you need to buy, prepare and do for your hotel bathroom renovation:

It is essential that 6 months’ prior the actual renovation, you have a clear picture of what you want. Read magazines or get inspiration online to make things easier to foresee and describe.

Spend time thinking about what works about your bathroom’s layout—and what doesn’t.

Contractors, Permits, Materials,

  1. Contractors, Permits, Materials,

It is important to have a clear list of those who will be part of the team that will do the remodeling. Start drafting your bathroom renovation dream team by asking around for recommendations for people who can help you achieve your plans. It is important that before you re-do the bathroom, you consult the authorities and the concerned organizations regarding your repairs and renovation. It is important to secure the necessary permits to make sure that everything will be compliant with the various codes and laws.

Check with your local government and know which of these you need to accomplish and submit before starting the project.

Only three months away from the target commence of the renovation, all the things should be set and final, especially the budget. Decide which contractors and companies you will hire. Meet with a few and choosing those who understand your vision and could transform into reality your preferences.

At this point, the contractor should commit to a start date, create a timeline of when he needs materials, and estimate when the project will be complete. Most bathroom renovations take about six weeks from start to finish.

Most importantly, don’t let any work begin without a signed contract.

Find out exactly how many days you’ll be without a shower, especially if you’re renovating your home’s only full bath. Make alternate plans in advance.

Ordering materials for the bathroom renovation early are critical because while some tile orders can be fulfilled in two to three days, handmade or hand-painted tiles could take 12 weeks. It is better to be on the safe side and make sure your tile orders are placed at least eight weeks before.

Fixtures should also be purchased early. Even big-name manufacturers can take three to four weeks to deliver products. High-end products often take as long as six to eight weeks to arrive.

If you’re ordering custom-built vanity or cabinets, check with the manufacturer to make sure that they’ll be there when the contractor needs them. Light fixtures can also take several weeks to arrive, so give yourself plenty of leeways when ordering.

With most of the hard planning over, have fun shopping for towel bars, towel hooks, a toilet paper holder, and the perfect soap dish. If you have a new color scheme, pick out your new shower curtain or towels.

Once the tile is up and the flooring is down, you’ll be able to get a sense of what color to paint the walls. It’s difficult to pick anything before that.

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