Remodeling Hotel Bathrooms

Hotels are always a place of relaxation, a sanctuary and a home away from home. Whether you travel for leisure or for business, travelers make it a point to book hotel rooms that do not only suit their needs but also satisfy their wants on a certain level.

With lots and lots of accommodation today—including Airbnb’s and condominiums for rent, it is vital for the hotel industry to determine: which matters most to hotel guests?

According to various studies, the long list of the guests’ criteria on choosing which hotel to stay in during their travels become long and long as the competition gets tougher. However, one of the most consistent criteria is the cleanliness and modernity of the bathrooms of their rooms. This is why more and more hotels have been focusing on regularly updating their bathroom designs and fixtures as well.

Though remodeling can cost a pretty penny, it can provide significant returns when it comes time to sell your hotel, especially if you do it right. Certain renovations are a win-win situation, providing more comfort to your guests, positive feedback for your hotel and more revenue in the long run. According to real estate agents, bathroom renovations can be one of the best investments for your property. In fact, studies show that its remodeling and upgrade can give you 100-102.2% return of investment—which is the highest among renovations.

Before you even plan to remodel your bathroom

Before you even plan to remodel your bathroom, you first need to understand standard bathroom dimensions. Knowing a few key measurements, like the size of a typical bathtub and how much space is needed for a toilet, will help you plan more efficiently.

You also need to be aware of the newest bathroom trends that will greatly increase your potential hotel revenue and increase the overall value of the property.

Here are some tips hotel owners might want to focus on improving their bathroom during remodeling:

Improve the Lighting

One of the frequent and most common complaints of hotel guests is the lighting in the bathroom. Some comment how hard it is for them to do their make up, or shave inside the bathroom with poor lighting. Most hotel room bathrooms do not have a window that allows natural light to come through, so a reliable lighting system should suffice.

The best approach to a well-lit space is to incorporate layers of the task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. Interior designers suggest dimmable pot lights on the ceiling, accent lighting around the 
mirror and a waterproof fixture in the shower. You want to make sure the lights are highlighting the right accents of the room.

Sconce lighting at the vanity is the ideal way to get even lighting on your face, and installing it at eye level will help diminish unflattering shadows. Dim lighting is nice for a relaxing bath; bright lights are great for shaving or applying makeup. Adding more overall lighting can make a small bathroom seem larger. At the same time, you might also want to make sure that the lighting selection is attractive and not too fluorescent.

Provide Enough Counter Space and Storage

Provide Enough Counter Space and Storage

One of the most common complaints of guests in bathrooms is the lack of counter space. When remodeling your hotel bathroom, make it a priority to increase the counter space. Keep in mind your guests and the many toiletries they may bring along with them on their trip. Having a sufficient amount of counter space for all their travel essentials is extremely important.

At the same time, a clutter-free bathroom is a stress-free bathroom. Hotel guests prefer bathrooms that are spacious and clean to look at. An armoire with shelving is a stylish way to keep quotidian items tucked out of sight. For smaller bathrooms, customizing shelves with drawers, providing baskets with cubbies can do the trick.

Offer proper ventilation

Moisture is your bathroom’s greatest enemy. Mold and mildew will make quick work of any renovation you’ve done so be sure to install a vent fan of appropriate CFMs for the square footage of your bathroom.

The rough guide is one CFM per square foot for bathrooms of one hundred square feet or smaller. New designs are quieter and more stylish than ever and are a must-have for any bathroom remodel.

Paint with light colors

A bathroom should always feel spacious and breathable. Painting your walls white—or beige will definitely make it look bigger, more spacious, newer, and cleaner at the same time. When considering small spaces, neutral and light colored palettes are usually my go to, especially in the bathroom.

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