Regular Bathroom Renovations Help you Save Money in the Long Run

Experts say that the bathroom can increase the value of a home that is listed on sale. In fact, according to some reports and articles, the average midrange bathroom addition project in 2011 and 2012 cost $40,096 and boosted a home’s value by $20,455. Bigger bathroom remodeling and upgrades are found to have given a 55% increase on a home’s value. HGTV reports through their website that one of the most rewarding remodeling projects in the house is the bathroom. According to their sources, a kitchen or bath remodel is a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost.

After all, nobody likes a house with an outdated bathroom, but not everyone is a fan of the hassle and price tag that comes with its improvement and renovation.

Some people think that the best way to save more money in renovating their bathrooms is by doing it one time, big time. Remodeling any room may be inconvenient and stressful for many, and most of the time, it entails a large sum of money too. Bathrooms are one of the most expensive parts of the house to renovate. However, that doesn’t make it impossible to improve and update within a budget Experts advise those who don’t want to spend more that instead of having their own in an all-out renovation, they should instead focus on one are at a time.

Remodel one part at a time

Remodel one part at a time

Don’t be pressured to redo everything in a single time frame. You can stretch a renovation throughout a month, or a series of repairs. You can change the lighting first, or have the plumbing or tiles.


Use what you already have

Maybe you saved the original tiles you used in building your original bathroom, why not use it again, or add them as accent pieces and patterns on the walls? Alternatively, those spare light bulbs you keep in the attic?

You can always look for inspiration online and on interior decoration magazines to help you find the perfect bathroom you want to achieve,


Know where to look for steals

Sometimes, you get the best deals not in stores but in yard sales or flea markets. Just see to it that what you will purchase are perfect fits, or the exact thing you want because there are no return and refunds there.

Every single bathroom supplier, whether it’s the well-known big ones, right down to your one-stop shop, usually has floor stock or seconds. They may not advertise this fact but just ask – you never know what bargain you might pick up. Who knows? Maybe you can score a $1,000 bathtub for a hundred just because it has a tiny chip at the back?


Learn to DIY

Bathroom renovations can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to help and minimize the budget you have. You can even paint the walls yourself or decorate it.


Leave it to the professionals

Leave it to the professionals

Of course, not everything you can leave to your own hands. Professionals exist because history has been witness to many people miserably failing at DIY attempts in the past. Most of the time, homeowners believe DIY jobs cost less because of labor savings.

However, what they fail to realize is they spend more time than they estimated — and despite not being on a contractor’s payroll, no one’s time is entirely free. At the same time, think of all the needed equipment and tools that will be needed in your DIY renovation—things that you might probably never use again.

Leave the experts to:

  • Install the tiles
  • Change the plumbing and wiring
  • Install bathroom fixtures like shower pans, doors


Pay in Cash

Some people think they save more money by buying using credit, but the truth is, it is the exact opposite. Although it may be tempting to swipe and transact paperless, it is more advisable that you use cash in buying the things you need for your project.

Financial advisers have said it; you’ll spend less when you use cash. People tend to spend less when they use cash because the experience of handing over the money they earned gets personal, which makes them think twice before buying anything. For many, credit cards are mere plastics, mere objects that don’t necessarily make them realize they are spending.

When using the credit card, you should also think of the interest and other hidden charges that will go with your purchase. In the end, are you really saving more?

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