New Year, New Bathroom: Start 2019 by Remodeling Your Bath

The new year is finally here! According to studies, one way of feeling the fresh start that the brand new year brings is renovating, rearranging, or remodeling your house. Experts also say that of the rooms in your home, it is most important to update the bathrooms regularly. For safety, hygiene, and sanitary reasons, constantly reinventing your bathroom is essential not only in making your home a great place to live in, but also keep up its home value at the moment you decide to list it and sell it.

As 2018 is coming to a close, homeowners can take this time of the year to get deals and remodel their homes, especially their bathrooms. If you are thinking about it, here are some of the bathroom trends in the coming year, 2019. Time to call your bathroom contractors!

Deciding to renovate or remodel your bathroom is not an easy task—but with proper planning and the right persons to help you, it is not an impossible project. Part of planning a bathroom remodeling is preparing a timeline for the whole project. Every detail and work should be specified in each day so that every person involved in making the revamp possible. Professional contractors often draft an ideal timeline to be discussed with their clients.

New Year, New Bathroom - Start 2019 by Remodeling Your Bath


This is the vital part of the whole process for everything after this stage will be depending on how the research goes. This is the part of the project where you gather all your ideas together and working out what you’d like your bathroom to look like. Though it may be tedious, some people enjoy this part because it gets them excited and creative enough thinking about what their finished and remodeled bathroom will look like in the coming weeks.

There are many websites, magazines and catalogues available online and offline where you can get inspiration depending on the theme you like or depending on the kinds of materials you want to feature in your bathroom. Indeed, the previously exclusive world of interior design has now been cracked open for everyone to peek inside.


Once you have a good idea of what you’d like your bathroom to look like, the next stage is putting everything in place and making sure you calculate your costs. This stage also involves choosing the bathroom contractor you would want to work with.

According to experts, bathroom designers and remodelers should be extremely detailed. This is because a bathroom is smaller in scale, which extremely affects the layout and design of the room.

Choosing a reliable, reputable, and competent contractor can draw the line between having a beautiful and functional new bathroom and getting back to where you started—a bathroom that needs some extra love. Ask for referrals, check out their portfolio and equipment, and make sure you have a client-company rapport.

This stage also requires the homeowners and their contractors to draft out the bathroom remodel timeline. To determine the time frame of your bathroom remodeling project, you have to consider a number of factors, including:

  • Design- Sometimes, the design of the new bathroom seriously takes its toll on the total time before the whole remodeling is finished. If the design is far from the original set up, then, of course, it will take longer compared to just updating everything.
  • Size of the bathroom- Obviously, the bigger the bathroom is, the longer it will take to complete a remodeling job. Also, consider the workspace, as well as the total floor area of the bathroom, as well as its layout and fixture positioning.
  • Details-Specifications of the design of the woodwork, floor work, electrical and plumbing can also be the cause of why a bathroom remodeling project takes longer to finish than usual.
  • Availability of resources- Of course, another variable that contributes to the total time of project completion. Are the fixtures readily available? Are the contractors doing the job 24/7? What about smaller details such as paint or wires? Even the absence of one light bulb can affect the duration of the project.

Given these variables to consider, here is an example of what a typical and ideal bathroom remodel timeline, given a standard 40-80sq ft full bathroom as an example, all permits have been secured, and all demolition is done.

Start 2019 by Remodeling Your Bath


This is the main part of the entire bathroom remodel project.

If there are parts of the bathroom that needs to be taken down, the project should begin with a demolition. Contractors should arrange for a roll-off dumpster or hauling company to cart away the mess. Even for more minor projects, some kind of demolition will take place.

Then, all about initial designs, check-ups, and “roughs” should be done during the early part of the remodeling. Plumbers, electricians should inspect and do rough wiring and piping all throughout the bathroom. Necessary framings should also be completed — basically, the skeleton of the room, ready to be filled in with walls and everything in between. Afterwards, all the ‘bigger’ parts of the project should be put on to its place. Doors and windows should also be installed during the third week of the project. Drywalls and cement boards will also be installed, to be recoated the next day.

After these have dried down, the floor should be next. The tiles should also be grouted during week 4; then, the walls can be primed and painted too. Sinks, mirrors and the vanity area can also be installed towards the end

Project Completion 

The final part has come, and this should be all about the finishing touches. After the countertops are installed, the plumber should return and install the sink, toilet, and shower heads. By this time, the bathroom is functional, except for the shower. Decorating the bathroom is next on the list, including fixing the vanity area, putting on additional decorations to make the bathroom more luxurious, elegant, and more spacious. Cabinets and shelves must be filled with toiletries, etc.

Within 40 days, the bathroom should be good for use, and the project has been completed. But, before anything else, it is important that professional contractors have inspected it one last time, and their go signal is given to prevent any accident.


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