Is bathroom hospitality actually a thing?

Why do people try to make their bathroom as presentable for their guests? Is bathroom hospitality really a thing? Some even dedicate a separate bathroom for their visitors, so it is safe to assume that it is.

If you want to make a separate space for your family and friends that are coming over, here are a few things you should consider in making or transforming a guest bathroom:


When deciding on a new look for the guest bath, comfort should be the primary concern and inspiration for the design. Remember that inside the bathroom is where your guest would most likely feel comfortable since it is where they spend their alone time.

Experts advise that the trick is to blend a bathroom design that appeals to you with the needs of future guests. “Make it as big and as roomy as you can,” says Kristen Zwick, designer with Kitchens by Teipen in Greenwood, Ind. “Keep it easy to care for as far as materials,” for countertops, flooring and shower, she says.

Going simple yet functional, modern and clean will be the best style your house guests would most definitely prefer.

Layout and Lighting

Layout and Lighting

Bringing in a professional bathroom contractor would be the best bet in planning the overall layout, as well as the lighting for your guest bathroom.

It is a misconception that layout is just the way fixtures are located inside the room, instead, it is a strategic planning of making things accessible.

Professionals advice that covering the basics will be enough as guest baths should be like hotel bathrooms; they don’t have to be as luxurious as a master bath or as whimsical as a powder room. There’s no need for elaborate showers, grand tubs or several sinks. The essentials include a sink, shower (and perhaps a tub) and toilet. Add in a bit of counter space, a mirror and good lighting — a combination of ambient, accent task and decorative — and most guests will be pleased with the accommodations.


It is more likely that home owners spend more on their master bathrooms than in remodeling or building the guest bathroom. They tend to to splurge on luxurious materials, make the room generally bigger and invest in top notch bathroom fixtures.

Truly, most homeowners are often more conservative in guest bathrooms. “They want them to look nice, but most people aren’t going to go all out in a guest bath,” says Sara Ann Busby, National Kitchen and Bath Association president-elect.

Homeowners should think of functionality over appearance when considering the materials to be used in guests bathrooms. It should be both ‘convenient and accessible’ for guests who have no clue how you keep things in your home.

You can use the simplicity of materials as well for they are more durable and easier to clean. After all, homeowners would likely work on a tight budget when constructing a guest bathroom.



It’s a no-brainer: as the host, you want to provide a big bathroom space and storage for your guests—the bigger the better! Well, experts say that’s a wrong way. Ample storage in a guest bath remodel may send the wrong message to visitors. “Most people don’t want their guests to stay too long. It would be best to allocate them a narrow drawer for a toothbrush and a hairbrush — three days and they’re out of there,” Sara Ann says with a laugh.

Think of it this way: all storage in a guest bathroom should be about convenience and comfort for the users.

Also, be sure the bathroom is stocked with basics like towels, toilet paper and shampoo. “Make it as easy as you can on your guests, so they don’t have to come out and say, ‘I need this, I need that,” Sara Ann says. A small linen closet stocked with extra necessities like towels and tissue, a drawer or two where guests can stash their personal items, a few hooks to provide a handy spot for hanging clothes and towels, and a hamper for used linens can make guests feel at home.


This will be a fun part for most who enjoy decorating spaces. After construction wraps up, don’t go overboard with the accessories you will put inside the room, or else it would look like unorganized and cluttered.

Homeowners can splurge on thick, soft towels and hang a cozy bathrobe on a hook. You can also provide liquid hand soaps, as well as bar soaps in the shower and sink. A fragrant candle and a carafe of water with a glass will also be a great welcoming touch.

Bathroom hospitality is not exactly about how your guest bathroom would look like, but generally, how you would make them feel ‘at home’ and most comfortable during their stay. So, if you’re considering making or remodeling a designated a separate bathroom for your guests, think for their comfort above all else.

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