How to Decide Which Bathroom Design Is For You?

One of the things that homeowners who would want a bathroom remodel should think about is what design they would want to be done. While many would think that they can simply leave this decision to their designers or contractors, they still should think about this very important matter, for it will determine a lot of things, including the budget and timeframe of the whole project.

Aside from deciding which fixtures, and contractors to hire, it is also vital that homeowners have a clear vision of their newly-remodeled bathroom’s layout, design, and style.

Here are some of the options you can consider:

Classic Bathroom

Classic Bathroom

This design is opted by most because indeed, this style is timeless. According to designers, the key to achieving this bathroom style is to have a balance—in numbers and colors, among others.

The overall layout is formal with minimal architectural details, featuring neutral colors black, white, beige, etc. The fixtures, designs, and decorations are simple, elegant, and can go with anything. Fixtures can also be made of wood, steel, or marble. Classic style leans towards monochromatic or duo-chromatic color schemes.

Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are always minimalist, sleek, and generally clutter-free. Most of the time, it features glass, chrome, and Corian in its fixtures, shelving, and overall design. Simplicity is the basis of a modern and contemporary bathroom. It focuses on clean lines or even geometric shapes. It can also go for open shelving, which gives emphasis to the room’s absence of clutter and unnecessary decorations and details.

Country Bathroom

The aim of a country-inspired bathroom is to be casual and cozy, with such features as a wood floor, bead board paneling or pedestal sink. This style of bathroom usually gets away with a lot of clutter, displayed on shelves and counter tops. Fixtures are usually vintage items, which can be accent pieces which are painted or distressed. Experts say that country style furnishings are casual and comfortable — pieces have high, cushioned backs and large rolled arms.

Woods are light and grainy, painted or distressed. While fabrics are plaid, floral or striped. Personal touches of the owners also bring a country home and bathroom style to life.

Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic Bathroom

For home owners who want to have bathrooms that anything goes, an eclectic design is also recommendable. It uses colors and materials, which can be too much for the taste of those who want a more modern look. Indeed, an eclectic bathroom allows its owners’ imagination to run free. It incorporates and mixes different styles from different time periods and design influences.

Regardless of what bathroom design or layout you choose, the most important thing to get the job done—within the budget, yet still just the way you like it. Before deciding which design to go for, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want, and more importantly, what you need. You have to consider a lot of factors in deciding, such as the space you have, the layout and theme of your house—would it go well with the rest of the rooms? and of course, time and budget.

To make sure that you get what you want, make sure that you only hire professional bathroom remodeling contractors that are reputable, trustworthy, and who knows their craft. Regardless of which design you decided to go for, having the right people to help you achieve it is the most important variable of the project, to ensure that you will finish on the desired time frame, won’t go over budget, and have a beautiful and relaxing remodeled bathroom you have always wished for.

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