Factors That Make Your Bathroom Older Than It Is

The bathroom is one of the most used parts of the house. You may not realize it, but you spend more time in it compared to the kitchen, dining room, or living room throughout your life. Because of this, the bathroom tends to be neglected and left outdated as time passes by. Despite being one of the most important rooms of a house, bathrooms are probably one of the few areas that are neglected when it comes to regular renovations and updating. Aside from being one of the dirtiest areas of the property, it is also one that needs regular check-ups and tweaks every once in a while.

Did you know that there are some factors you might be doing that contribute to your bathroom’s old-looking ambiance and look? Here are some you might want to consider fixing so that yours can look and feel brand new all the time:

De-clutter + More Storage


De-clutter + More Storage

A cluttered bathroom can be dragging to the eyes and could be one of the most common sign why most bathrooms tend to look older than it truly is. When your bathroom is cluttered with various hair tools, skin care, and beauty products, it can be an eyesore, not only for you but your guests as well.  If you have many toiletries, extra towels, and supplies stored in your bathroom, consider providing more storage that is covered. This will make your bathroom more organized, cleaner, and more spacious all at the same time. Just make sure that all the storage is matching so that it will not add to the cluttered factor which is making your bathroom years older (and messier) than what it truly is.

Light-colored Wall Paints

Darker bathrooms tend to look more constricted and dirtier, experts say. If you are considering doing some remodeling for your bathroom, including changing the wall’s colors to a lighter one on your to-do list. Go for the traditional whites and creams, or light blues or mints. If you still want some color, don’t hesitate to put up an accent wall, or some accessories as pops of color. Just make sure it will not look cluttered in the end.

Poor Lighting


Poor Lighting

Is putting on makeup or shaving your face very hard for you to do in the bathroom? Maybe it is because of your poor bathroom lighting. Did you know that contractors say that in a bathroom, lighting is everything?  It does not only affect a person’s perception of the space but also makes the bathroom as functional as possible. Moreover, this makes your bathroom a lot older and duller than it is.

Sometimes, it is the placement of the light fixture or even the fixture itself. Either way, this calls for a bathroom remodeling project!

Outdated Bathroom fixtures

If you notice your monthly utility bills on a continuous rise, this might be because of old and outdated bathroom fixtures. In some cases, these old fixtures decrease in efficiency over time due to wear and tear. You might need to update them and do a small bathroom remodel project and spend less. Using outdated bathroom fixtures make you feel that it aged more years than its actual condition.

If you have any of these problems in your home, then remodeling your bathroom is a must—regardless of how often it is. Usually, the best professional bathroom contractors make sure remodeling projects should be frequent. A few inspections and check-ups per year are all right.


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