Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Your Bathroom’s Shower Curtain

One of the easiest ways of spicing up a bathroom is by adding a shower curtain. Aside from its functionality, it can also liven up the space and make all the difference—without you having to spend a fortune.

However, designers and interior decorators say that choosing shower curtains are easier to screw up than you may think.  Here are some of the mistakes you don’t know you commit when deciding which shower curtain to buy:

Opting for plastics

Opting for plastics

It’s not surprising that many homes go for the plastic shower curtains for their bathrooms. Why not? It’s the cheapest and undeniably the easiest to clean. But the problem with cheap plastic curtains is that they look, well, cheap. Designers say that it is better to invest in fabric shower curtains with a fabric liner made of polyester.

Forgetting about its texture

Don’t think about ruffles and added beads, experts say that adding some simple trim, ribbon, or embroidered detail on a plain shower curtain will make all the difference.

Stick with store-bought options, which are meant to be washed and dried along with other laundry.

Plain white is still in

Shower curtains give us a ripe opportunity to play with colors and patterns without committing to them for life. But before you go seeking out the perfect design, consider that the most on-trend look might just be the easiest: plain white.

It’ll give you a fresh look, especially in the master bath—and you’ll never risk making your space look cheap.

Getting the perfect design, but in the wrong size

Getting the perfect design, but in the wrong size

Contrary to common knowledge, shower curtains size matters. It is important that homeowners measure the dimensions of their bathrooms before buying a shower curtain. If they failed to do so, installing the shower curtain just be useless, or worse, counterproductive. Buying one that’s too short or not wide enough means a daily flood on the floor, not really doing its job.

Bathroom owners who have a stall shower that isn’t enclosed in glass, the width of the shower curtain may not matter as much compared to those who own open stall showers.

For tub owners, most stall shower curtains will work fine—the fabric will be just a bit bunched on each end. And if you pick your pattern wisely, with just a top or bottom border rather than one graphic slapped in the middle, your curtain’s design will display nicely.

Going for plastic rings

Designers say that it is a no-no and that it screams of the 80s—which can be a bad thing for a modern home. According to them, it is best to match shower rings to other finishes in the bathroom.

Another tip: Always use double hooks so that the liner can hang inside the tub while the decorative curtain stays on the outside. You can also look for a liner with little magnets sewn into the bottom hem for added security. Moreover, homeowners can also consider hookless shower curtains as one of their options. Many homeowners may find themselves struggling over with rusting metal rings, cheap plastic ones, liners that ripped, and fancier versions that got ruined in the wash.

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