Commonly Remodeled Parts of The Bathroom

Deciding to renovate or remodel your bathroom is not an easy task—but with proper planning and the right persons to help you, it is not an impossible project. Part of planning a bathroom remodeling is preparing a timeline for the whole project. Every detail and work should be specified in each day so that every person involved in making the revamp possible. Professional contractors often draft an ideal timeline to be discussed with their clients.

Despite being one of the most important rooms of a house or hotel, bathrooms are probably one of the few areas that are neglected when it comes to regular remodeling and updating.

Many would think that since the bathroom is not used as frequently as the bedroom or the living room, its deterioration is much slower than the others used more frequently. The truth is, this is wrong. Years of constant use and wear can take a toll on your bathroom, your budget, and even your sanity. Don’t let it get to that point.

Aside from being one of the dirtiest areas of the property, it is also one that needs regular check-ups and tweaks every once in a while.

Here are the most commonly remodeled parts and areas of the bathroom:

Storage and Cabinetry

Storage and Cabinetry

One of the more popular reasons for a homeowner to decide that it is time for a bathroom remodeling project is a cramped space, particularly the lack of storage inside the room. For most people, the bathroom serves as some storage, where they can keep extra necessities in stock.

Improving the storage and cabinetry inside the bathroom is one of the most common goals of a bathroom remodeling project. Not only it will make way for a bigger safe-keeping space, but it will also make your bathroom less cluttered, more organized, and bigger in general.


Is putting on makeup or shaving your face very hard for you to do in the bathroom? Maybe it is because of your poor bathroom lighting. Did you know that contractors say that in a bathroom, lighting is everything?  It does not only affect a person’s perception of the space but also makes the bathroom as functional as possible.

Sometimes, it is the placement of the light fixture or even the fixture itself. Either way, this calls for a bathroom remodeling project!

Paints and Tiles

Paints and Tiles

These are the most visible parts of the room, and when they manifest damage, it will also become the most obvious. Over time, moisture, scratches, and dings add up and start to take their toll. Tiles can grow molds and the grout can be missing and could erode. A quick paint job may be all that your bathroom needs. Painting your walls and even an old vanity can refresh your room. If your bathroom accumulates moisture from hot showers and baths, be sure to use a paint made for bathrooms.

Replacing the tiles, re-grouting, or painting is also one of the most popular and easiest type of a bathroom remodeling project. With such a small change, doing this improvement will make your bathroom look like brand new!

Shower and Other Fixtures

Upgrading the bathroom utilities and fixtures is also another popular reason why homeowners decide to have their bathrooms remodeled as well. If you notice your monthly utility bills on a continuous rise, this might be because of old and outdated bathroom fixtures. In some cases, these old fixtures decrease in efficiency over time due to wear and tear. You might need to update them and do a small bathroom remodel project and spend less.

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