Bathroom Renovation Project on a Budget

How can you achieve bathroom renovation on a budget?

Although it is arguably one of the rooms in a properly less frequently used, bathrooms seem to get dated easily. Because of this, bathroom remodels and renovations are one of the most popular homes or hotel improvement projects even years back.

Bathroom renovations can range from minor remodels, major remodels and expansion. Among the three, the most expensive and crucial project is the latest because it aims to create a bigger space by expanding the size of the room and adjoining it to another.

Minor and Major Bathroom remodels just include new paints, hardware, accessories, walls, flooring, and installation of newer features.

Why are Bathroom Renovation Projects expensive?

Bathroom renovation projects are expensive because they are labor-intensive and require craftsmanship. A lot of time is spent in installing tiles and fixtures. At the same time, opting for newer and more updated fixtures like showers and tubs get a huge chunk of the budget, for modern bathroom fixtures are one of the most expensive in the market today.

But, if even contractors think that bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in the house to renovate, is a bathroom renovation on a budget even possible? Yes, it is. The truth is, with proper planning and research, bathroom renovations are worth it, especially for generating revenues for hotels and inns. Here are some tips on how you can do so.

Spacious Bathroom

Goal: Make the room seem bigger and more spacious

Adding space to the bathroom by expanding the actual floor size is expensive, and it is not considered merely a bathroom renovation. The expansion involves tearing up the walls and adding flooring and build new ones. So how can you add space without expanding the actual floor size? Tricking the mind is key.

Sometimes, a bigger space can be achieved by painting the walls with lighter colors. Remember that white colored walls and tiles can create an illusion of space. Making a monochromatic themed room can also help in making the bathroom seem bigger than it really is.

Provide enough lighting and know the strategic places you should put them in. use techniques such as varying the amount and direction of light and aim the to be reflected on walls, ceiling, and floors. Recessed lighting is also a trick, which uses ceiling light fixtures combined with modern wall lights and floor lamps.

Mirrors can also make the illusion of a bigger room. Double the use of the mirror inside the bathroom by hanging it where there is light.

Another trick to make a room more spacious is by installing multi-purpose fixtures. Install cabinets that can hold displays and actual whatnots. Add drawers and cabinets under the sink. One way of making it less bulky and space consuming is making it as open shelves as well.

Goal: Make it more updated.

Nobody wants a modern house with a 70s inspired bathroom. As the room should provide comfort for everybody in the house, the ideal room is updated, modern and functional. Many immediately assume that updating a bathroom is going to be expensive. The truth is, with a few tweaks and tricks, you can achieve a more modern bathroom within your budget.

One of the basics of erasing the years from a bathroom is giving the walls a makeover. Tear those wallpapers and give it a fresh coat of paint. Make sure that the colors you will choose are timeless and elegant, so you won’t have to worry about an outdated bathroom anytime soon.

You can also focus the attention on the details, and not on the fixtures. Coordinate your accents and decoration with the colors of the walls.

If you are concerned with old tubs and shower heads, do not immediately go to stores and buy replacements. You can opt for the economical process of refinishing them. This process will remove the stains that mar the beauty of the bathroom.

A new bathroom layout

Goal: A new bathroom layout.

Sometimes, an outdated bathroom is not really about the old fixtures and cramped looking space. Some people think their bathroom needs some makeover because they are so used to its layout and want it changed.

Changing the layout of the bathroom can be tricky, especially if moving the fixture around is involved. Since you are trying to work within a budget, forget about playing around with the position of the fixtures and focus on the things that can be moved without thinking about the pipes and wires.

Instead, think about placing a window, or a skylight that will allow more light to enter the bathroom. Construct drawers and shelves to new areas and add some decoration that is never there before.

Goal: Make it more ‘expensive-looking’.

One trick to achieve this goal is by experimenting with materials. Many associate marble countertops with elegance and luxury. Installing marble floors and countertops may be the easy fix but, let’s face it: it’s not budget-friendly.

What you can do is try cheaper alternatives. Cultured marble, as the name implies, is very different from real marble but it does contain real marble, marble dust. Bags of the marble dust are mixed together with a polyester resin in large vats to form what looks like cake batter. When the marble batter is thoroughly mixed, it’s poured and scooped into molds to create the desired profiles.

Although it may not be technically the ‘real’ thing, what matters at the end of the day is the improved look of your bathroom.

When renovating to upgrade a bathroom on a budget, home and hotel owners should realize that styles and trends change all the time, sometimes pretty drastically in a short period of time. Though there is nothing wrong with trying to keep up with these changes, keep in mind that what matters is the comfort it gives to your guests, not how modern the fixtures or how great it looks.

If you are on a strict budget, it is important to carry out cost-cutting measures and save money. Do your homework and research first before buying new and expensive replacements or contacting your bathroom contractor. It is important that you know what you have and what you can work with before jumping into a shopping and renovation spree.

This is why consulting experts is also advisable before you plan out any bathroom renovation. Check if your ideas are practical, and most importantly, doable within your budget. Remember that undertaking a bathroom renovation project can be stressful but being in control of your budget is a great stress-reliever.

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