Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Deciding to renovate or remodel your bathroom is not an easy task—but with proper planning and the right persons to help you, it is not an impossible project. Part of planning a bathroom remodeling is preparing a timeline for the whole project. Every detail and work should be specified in each day so that every person involved in making the revamp possible. Professional contractors often draft an ideal timeline to be discussed with their clients.

If you are like the typical customer, your questions would probably include “How long it will last?”

To determine the time frame of your bathroom remodeling project who have to consider a number of factors, including:



Sometimes, the design of the new bathroom seriously takes its toll on the total time before the whole remodeling is finished. If the design is far from the original set up, then of course it will take longer compared to just updating everything.

Size of the bathroom

Obviously, the bigger the bathroom is, the longer it will take to complete a remodeling job. Also, consider the workspace, as well as the total floor area of the bathroom, as well as its layout and fixture positioning.


Specifications of the design of the wood work, floor work, electrical and plumbing can also be the cause why a bathroom remodeling project takes longer to finish than usual.

Availability of resources

Of course, another variable that contributes to the total time of a project completion. Are the fixtures readily available? Are the contractors doing the job 24/7? What about smaller details such as paint or wires? Even the absence of one light bulb can affect the duration of the project.

Given these variables to consider, here is an example of what a typical and ideal bathroom remodel timeline, given a typical 40-80sq ft full bathroom as an example, all permits have been secured and all demolition is done.

Remodeling Timeline

Week 1

The first week should be all about initial designs, check ups, and “roughs”. Plumbers, electricians should inspect and do a rough wiring and piping all throughout the bathroom. Necessary framings should also be completed without the week. Basically, the skeleton of the room, ready to be filled in with walls and everything in between.

Week 2

The plumbers should return and complete the shower pan. They should also call for inspections. At the same time, all rough inspections should happen during the second week, including electrical, framing, insulation, and fire-stop. After the framing inspection is completed and approved, insulation should already be installed before the week ends.

Week 3

During this time, all the ‘bigger’ parts of the project should be put on to its place. Doors and windows should also be installed during the third week. Drywalls and cement boards will also be installed, to be re coated the next day. After all these have dried down, the floor should be next. Tiles should be installed and done by the end of the week.

Week 4

This week is all about checking the condition of the previous applications. Check if they are placed and installed properly and correct them if some has misaligned. The tiles should also be grouted during week 4, then, the walls can be primed and painted too.

Sinks, mirrors and the vanity area can also be installed towards the end of the fourth week.

Week 5

The fifth week should be the second to the last week of the project. During this time, the countertop templates should be done and the painting of the whole bathroom should be complete. Electricians should also return and install the electrical fixtures needed inside the room. Countertops should be finished by next week.

Week 6

The final week has come and this should be all about the finishing touches. After the countertops are installed, the plumber should return and install the sink, toilet, and shower heads. By this time, the bathroom is functional, except for the shower. Decorating the bathroom is next on the list, including fixing the vanity area, putting on additional decorations to make the bathroom more luxurious, elegant, and more spacious. Cabinets and shelves must be filled with toiletries, etc.

Within 40 days, the bathroom should be good for use, and the project has been completed. But, before anything else, it is important that professional contractors have inspected it one last time, and their go signal is given to prevent any accident.

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